Modern-day Canada continues to produce some of the most inspiring artists of our time.  Musicians, in particular, are influencing and exciting audiences all over the world.

Shannon Micol is one such artist. In her breakthrough debut album, "No More Cinderella", she emerges as a young woman with the freedom to transcend geographical boundaries . Her heartfelt lyrics - so representative of today's modern young women - exist in harmony with the tender texture of her vocals, and are sure to capture the imagination of listeners all over the world. Her music is both stunningly personal and breathtakingly universal. From the bittersweet "Backseat", to the lovely "Juliet", to the wonder of "Nobody Heals Me", Shannon puts her heart and soul on display, exposing herself and, in the process, her audience to a world we can all relate to. We feel an emotional connection to the music the minute we hear the first notes of each song.

Shannon welcomes you to the musical journey she has begun - one that will undoubtedly carry her to all corners of the world.

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